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Based on an excerpt from the National Register of Historic Places:

Asbury is an excellent example of rural church architecture, basically unaltered since originally constructed in 1898. This building is expressed in the gothic revival style, which, when combined with its setting, give an enhanced inspirational feeling to the building. The steep pitch of roof gables, pronounced arches, and strategic placement atop a hill, draw the eye upward and imply a sense of power which minimizes surrounding building construction. In addition, the square bell tower with its prominent bellcast roof gives a sense of strength and stability, as if the church were a permanent fixture on the landscape. When blended together, the attributes make the church appear much larger than it actually is.

These features also signify the continued importance of this church to the Asbury community, which has maintained a congregation in eastern Knox County for more than 140 years. The esteem held for the interior features of the church, including the significant, original oil chandelier and the carved pews, pulpit and balustrade, further illustrate the significance of this church in the community, one of the oldest in Knox County.

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