Wedding Information


Asbury UMC is an historic church on the National Register of Historic Places. It was founded in 1855 and renovated in 1898. During the more than century and a half since its founding, Asbury has been the scene of countless weddings. It offers as scenic a venue as you will find, with an impressive bell tower and beautiful stainless glass all around the sanctuary.

The congregation is proud of our church and relishes the opportunity to share it with members of our community and visitors, including for use during weddings. However, we are a small church and cannot provide the amenities frequently offered by commercial wedding chapels. Please consider this as you carefully read this policy and select your wedding venue.

Basic Information

Because of church activities, the church is not available for weddings during December or during the period that includes the last week of September through the first week of October.

Rental of our church for weddings will include a two-day allowance, typically a rehearsal one day and the wedding the next. By church policy, all events at our church by non-church members require the attendance of a designated church custodian. This custodian will be available to answer questions and to provide guidance as required. We anticipate a time allowance on rehearsal day not to exceed about 3 hours.

On wedding day, we anticipate a time allowance not to exceed about 6 hours, including time to decorate and make photographs. It is required that during all wedding rentals, the church premises will be vacated by 10:00 p.m. on both days of the rental agreement.

The facilities available include the sanctuary, including the room at the back between the entrance doors for wedding staging. In addition, rooms behind the sanctuary can be made available for bride and groom preparation and staging that will allow entrance at the front of the sanctuary. In addition, the restrooms at the entrance of the Fellowship Hall (the only restrooms on the premises) will be available for use during the rehearsal and wedding. [Note that the Fellowship Hall per se is not available for wedding rentals, including tables and chairs, kitchen, or any furniture, supplies, or equipment contained therein.]

The sanctuary layout allows remarkable intimacy for the wedding party because of its layout that is relatively wide and not too deep. However, it should be noted that total wedding attendance that exceeds about 150 people may be uncomfortable for some attendees.

We require that the wedding party and visitors take extra care of the premises and equipment and be financially responsible for damages. We also require that the premises be respected as the house of God and that all behavior be appropriate. Specifically, we require that: 

  • Only dripless candles be used
  • No alcoholic beverages, non-prescription drugs, or tobacco be used on church premises.
  • Rice or substitutes not be thrown inside the buildings.
  • Use of organ, piano, or sound system be specifically requested and approved by the church during the application period.
  • No flowers or other items be placed on the piano or organ.
  • The ‘attendance board” and lighted picture of Jesus not be removed during the wedding.
  • No tape, candle clamps or other metal fixtures be affixed to the pews or alter rails.
  • Pews and pew cushions not be removed from the sanctuary.
  • Removal or relocation of other small furniture or items will be done only with the express approval of the onsite custodian and the rental party will replace these items before leaving the premises.
  • The cost for any broken, damaged, or lost items will be deducted from the damage deposit of $350. The rental party also will be liable for any losses by the church in excess of that amount.


Total cost for use of Asbury UMC facilities for a wedding as described above is $650. In addition, we require a damage deposit of $350 that is fully refundable if no damage occurs.


If you have reviewed the information above and wish submit an application for use of Asbury for your wedding, please contact our pastor shown below. He/she will provide additional information and answer any questions you may have. After the interview if you want to formally reserve our church for a wedding, you can fill out an application form and make the required payment in full or the minimum first payment. 

Please remember that if you hold your wedding in our church, you are responsible for making all parties aware of the provisions set forth in this document and in your interview with our pastor.

Current Pastor

Reverend David Smith
Cell phone: (865) 216-7520